Desert World - Part 1

Hey everyone,
I was lucky enough to be part of Jama Jurabaev's Concept Art for Films course at MDP School. It was a fantastic experience to learn from Jama himself, seeing what other students were able to create, and making a ton of new friends! Everybody leveled up big time during the course and I am super excited to see all the other projects, whenever they are released!
During the course, we created a story and keyframes for important moments in the story. This is one of my three key situations in my story.

"In an apocalyptic desert world, where the color green doesn't exist anymore, it is rumored that there is a place called "the Oasis": Running water, enough shadow and shelter for everyone, and beautiful flowers growing everywhere. In the search of this place, our hero travels through a destroyed city and meets a small group of people. Are they friendly?"

Stay tuned for the next parts!