Sword in Stone

Max schiller 190828 excalibur scene6 v02

Establishing shot of the Sword's hide-out.

Max schiller 190828 excalibur scene1 v02

A closer look at Arthur, right before he attempts to draw the sword out of the stone.

Max schiller 190826 excaliburscene ideationscenes v01

First color sketches to explore the colors and mood.

Max schiller 190824 excaliburscene ideation v01

Exploration sketches for the scene itself.

Max schiller 190826 excaliburscene calloutswordstone v01

Callout for the Sword in stone.

Max schiller 190826 excaliburscene calloutprops v01

Propdesign to populate the scene.

Max schiller 190828 excalibur clay v01

Clay Render of the Sculp

Max schiller 190828 excalibur rawrenders

Raw Renders

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to participate in the King Arthur challenge; still, I had some ideas I wanted to visualize.

"The magic sword was hidden deep into the forest; it's otherworldly power influencing its surroundings. The power it contains being almighty, it's leaking pure energy. The nearer the chosen one comes, the more it leaks."

After sketching out my ideas, I modeled the scene in VR with Oculus Medium, did a few renders with Octane and finished those two shots in Photoshop.