Speedpainting - A puzzle

General / 14 July 2020

Hey everyone, warm-up speed painting for today, using VR, Blender, and Photoshop. Done in 30 minutes. 

If you are interested in a process video, please let me know.

Also, Florian did his magic too, check his blog post out too!  

Also also, hopefully, Domi will have time to do his speed painting mastery as well today.

Prideful Duke - Speedpainting

General / 13 July 2020

Hello everyone, this is today's speed painting. Again, started in VR, textured in Blender, and overpainted in Photoshop. 30 minutes.

Domi is also doing his magic, as well as Flo! Check out their stuff; it is amazing!

30 minutes Speedpainting - 3 Zombies

General / 10 July 2020

Second day of our studio speedpainting warm-up, I've felt more confident in creating fast shapes in VR, bringing it to Blender and finish everything up in Photoshop. Dominik created a beautiful color sketch, check his out as well!

And Florian was reading...

Speedpainting session

General / 09 July 2020

Today Dominik and I did a speed painting session to start the day at the studio. I challenged myself by starting in VR, sculpting a rough idea in Adobe Medium, bringing it to Blender for texturing and lighting, and finish it in Photoshop.
I managed to finish the painting in 30 minutes. 

Florian has overslept, but now he is here too!

Pretty cool workflow! Maybe I'll record it sometime.

3D Sketch

General / 19 September 2019

I decided to do a little Sketchblog. I won't write too much, just posting daily sketches I do to warm-up or learn new techniques.